Benefits of Using a Glass CO2 Laser Tube


Laser systems are becoming an essential component of modern production facilities. If you are thinking of starting a small business or need professional-grade equipment for your laser projects, a glass CO2 laser tube is a long-term investment. You can choose a premium-quality tube for your DIY projects, craft production, and other small business needs.

There are many advantages of using a glass laser tube, such as an OMTechCO2 laser tube for your laser engraving needs.

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The most significant benefit of using these tubes is that they are more affordable than other laser tubes available on the market. However, the cheaper price tag doesn’t mean that you get a low-quality laser. Actually, glass laser tubes work by exciting carbon dioxide gas with direct current, producing stable laser beams that work well for almost any application. Since glass production is less expensive than metal production, such laser tubes are available at a more affordable price.

Good Usage Limit

Another benefit is the long lifetime of glass laser tubes. For instance, our 100W CO2 laser tube for the laser engraver cutting machine has an estimated lifetime of 2,500-8,000 hours, based on light to average use. Users can explore different products to choose the usage that fits their production and energy needs. Keep in mind that constantly running your laser tube at maximum power can shorten its lifetime, so it’s best to choose a wattage high enough to compensate for its recommended power ceiling.

Cooling Mechanism

Small businesses and DIY crafters prefer these tubes because of their excellent cooling mechanism. When you buy a laser tube from OMTech, you get a premium product with an exclusive water cooling system as an additional purchase that allows users to utilize them in work conditions with high temperatures up to 75 degrees.

Effective cooling can help users get the most out of their high-powered lasers. Get to know your laser-engraving machine’s cooling requirements before buying the best chiller to guarantee sufficient cooling.

Industrial-grade water chillers offer the most efficient cooling method at a consistent flow rate, quality, and temperature. You can choose from a wide range of water chillers online to find the best one for your machine.

Excellent Capabilities

Since CO2 glass tubes discharge a steady and continuous laser beam with direct current, users get a satisfactory cutting/engraving performance on a wide range of materials.

Popular laser engraving projects for DIY enthusiasts and small businesses include photo etching, engraved wedding gifts, personalized leather goods, woodcraft, etc.

Using a CO2 laser engraver, you can work on materials such as:

  • Leather
  • Rubber
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • Textiles

Things to Know about a Laser Tube’s Power Settings

Various factors affect the engraving and cutting performance of a machine. For example, proper mirror alignment ensures the laser beam enters the focal lens correctly and executes your engraving commands with precision. Another factor at play is adequate laser focus. When you pulse the machine, it should produce a small sharp dot. Other factors that play a crucial role include the use of proper air assist, the settings of your desired software, and the water chiller, which helps increase the laser tube's efficiency and lifespan.

Remember that operating your laser tube constantly at maximum power is going to have a substantial effect on its lifespan.

Here are the average settings to choose when you are working on a wide variety of materials. Remember that you may have to experiment with different power and speed settings before finalizing them. But, with the acquisition of either aMid-Range or High Power model, you can choose the following settings for various materials:

Maintenance Tips

While maintaining this tube is easy, there are a few things to remember for maintenance. If you don’t carry out routine maintenance, you won’t be able to get the most out of your laser tube.

Naturally, cleanliness will affect the engraving/cutting performance of your projects. Since debris, dust, and overuse can lead to several complications, remember to clean your machine regularly. A thorough cleaning routine is crucial, especially inside the machine cabinet or any area where materials can collect.

Furthermore, using dirty optics can reduce the strength of the laser beam. Although you can inspect the optics to check for dirt or debris, making routine cleaning a part of your maintenance regime will add many months to your tube’s life. When optics are dirty, the debris and dirt can burn or combust into the optical surface, leading to irreversible damage to the lens or mirror. The best way to ensure top performance is to clean them thoroughly after every 10 to 40 hours of work. The cleaning frequency also depends upon the materials you generally use for engraving/cutting.

Maintaining your machine will avoid any damages to the lens tube. The best thing to do is to use acetone, IPA, or lens cleaning solution, as well as gentle cotton buds for the clean-up procedure.

A new laser tube will emit a bright pink/purple light; over time, this light will become white and fade away. The performance and power output of the tube will eventually decrease over time. Meaning you will have to increase the power or slow the cutting speed for certain projects. This will be a sign that you will have to replace the laser tube soon.

Buy High-Quality CO2 Laser Tubes from OMTech

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