How to Start a Laser Engraving Business?

There has never been a better time to start a small home business. The desire for remote employment has grown tremendously since the pandemic, and the number of resources available for starting home businesses has also increased. For at-home hobbyists looking to sell their goods, e-commerce websites make the best resources. Accessibility to Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, and eBay, along with social media platform’s marketplaces, have made it easier than ever before for individuals to earn an income from the products they create.

How to Start a Laser Engraving Business?

Why Laser Engraving Is One of the Best Ways to Generate Increased ROI?

For anyone wanting to start a business, it is essential to consider what consumers need and want to buy. In recent years, there has been a high demand for merchandise featuring customizable engravings, such as personalized keychains, drinkware, home decor, and jewelry. Laser-cutting machines allow you to create these items and more from the comfort of your home with low investment and minimal risk. 

The best part about owning a laser cutting machine is that you don't need to break the bank to acquire it, nor spend too much effort and time learning to use it. On top of that, you can start making money almost instantly. 

Because the average ROI on a CO2 machine is as little as two months, there is no reason to hold off on starting your own laser-cutting business. Not only will you experience almost immediate profitability with relatively low investment, but you will also enjoy a relaxing, satisfying hobby with nearly limitless growth opportunities. 

OMTech offers an array of CO2 machines to fit various needs and budgets. Our partnership with Clicklease Financing makes financing easy with a quick application process, flexible terms, and competitive rates without a massive down payment. Moreover, at OMTech, we extend a resale option for up to one full year after the purchase date.

Why Laser Engraving Is One of the Best Ways to Generate Increased ROI

The Science Behind Choosing the Best Laser Engraver for Your New Business

If you want to take your laser engraving hobby to a business level, first consider whether you have the proper machine for increased engraving. You want a piece of equipment that can handle the output of merchandise you wish to produce with features that will enhance your productivity. 

One machine to take into account is OMTech's brand-new Polar desktop sized laser engraver. The Polar boasts a laser that can operate with impressive speed and precision with a 10mm cutting depth and autofocus laser head. It's easy to set up and comes included with 2 rotary attachments, inline duct fan, engraving materials and its own internal cooling system, so you can quickly get your business up and running right away. 

Factors to Consider When Starting Your Laser Engraving Business

Creating a business plan is essential for successfully starting a new laser engraving business. Getting a perfect machine to follow your designs and product demands is only part of it. You may also want to consider investing your time and resources into a few other significant products and areas. 

Machine Add-Ons

While it can be tempting to start simple with laser engraving machines, additional features offered by OMTech can make your experience vastly more efficient, convenient, and enjoyable. For instance, water chillers, rotary axes, air purifiers, and inline fans can all contribute to minimizing the time spent working on your projects. Again, it's essential to consider these upgrades as business investments that will most definitely pay off shortly. 


The materials you need to purchase will naturally depend on the products you plan to create. Fortunately, OMTech machines can work with an impressive selection of materials such as paper, wood, ceramics, glass, textiles, leather, cork, fabric, metals, rubber, stone, and more. With them, therefore, you won't need to compromise and can fully explore your creativity. 

Factors to Consider When Starting Your Laser Engraving Business


When choosing a laser engraver, one of the things to consider is its compatibility with the software you plan to use. Fortunately, OMTech machines pair with various software compatible with many computer operating systems, such as Lightburn, and are downloadable on the OMTech website

Website Development and Marketing

You will need a website to display your merchandise and allow customers to contact you and buy your products. As your website will be a point of contact with prospective customers, you should invest resources into making it appealing and highly functional. 

Your place of advertising will also impact your bottom line and ROI. Paid ads can give your business exposure and help you reach a much broader pool of prospective customers.

Ideal Niche and Customers

Last but not least, give enough thought to the type of products you want to sell, as it will help you create a unique brand image that appeals to the specific customer group. Once you determine who is your ideal customer, you can better focus on meeting their needs and, consequently, attract more prospects. Creating products according to demand and the demographic of your customers will allow you to build your brand image with more success and generate even better ROI. 

Ideal Niche and Customers

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If you wish to start your laser engraving business, this may be the best time to follow your dream. OMTech is here to support you by providing the best machines to boost your ROI right from the beginning. 

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