The Best Laser Engraving Machine for Wood

The Best Wood Engraving Machines

Whether you’re a hobbyist engraver or offering paid services as part of an engraving business, selecting the best engraving machine for wood lays the foundation for your success. Laser engraved wood can impart a beautiful design or practical text. However, starting with the right tools is essential. CO2 desktop laser engravers and cabinet engravers offer precision, creative freedom, and safety features at a variety of price points. Wood engraving machines can be used for personalization, branding, and decorating wooden items. Read on to learn more about choosing the best laser engraving machine for wood and which solution is right for your needs.

What is the Best Laser Engraver for Wood?

Selecting the best wood engraving machine for your needs begins with understanding what features are available and what to prioritize as you evaluate different models. Laser engraving machines can range from just under $400 to well over $20,000, depending on their size, complexity, and features. When evaluating different machines, and those who provide them, here are some factors to consider:

  • Laser Source: One of the most important factors to consider when selecting an engraving machine is the laser source.  There are several choices on the market, including the CO2 laser and fiber laser. For a detailed comparison of these two laser sources, please read here. To summarize, when your goal is engraving wood, a machine with a CO2 laser is the best choice. They are one of the most popular lasers due to their high efficiency and excellent beam quality. CO2 lasers offer contactless options for cutting and engraving materials, providing a safe solution to even the most ambitious engraving project. These lasers use electrified gas to create the laser and maintain temperatures with a circulating water system. It’s a safe, flexible, and versatile laser that can be delivered at a variety of price points.
  • Design software compatibility: Few engravers working today draw their designs freehand. Instead, they rely on the sophisticated capabilities of design software to lay out projects, interact with the laser, and ensure precise execution of text and designs. Choosing a laser that’s compatible with a range of programs provides ongoing flexibility in the computers and design programs you’ll use in tandem with your laser.
  • Work space: When purchasing a machine, it’s helpful to consider the machine’s work space or workbed size. Not only will that dictate what floor space is required for the engraving machine, but it also sets the maximum surface area for your projects. Do you need a large industrial laser engraving machine for wood? Or a wood engraving machine small enough for your home?.
  • Mobile stand: Consider the body shape and mobility features of your ideal wood engraving equipment. Options include relatively smaller desktop laser engravers and larger cabinet laser engraving machines. In addition, some may come with optional features such as mobile stands that make it easier to move a wood-engraving machine around your garage or shop.
  • Cooling system: The best engraving machines don’t overheat easily. CO2 lasers rely on cooling systems to maintain the right temperature as they work. Circulating water helps regulate temperature as the laser heats up. Cutting-edge cooling systems monitor temperatures, display that information via easily viewed screens, and reduce temperatures as needed.
  • Fume and odor extractors: The best wood engraving machines include a robust ventilation system, a key part of ensuring safe and effective wood engraving equipment operations. Many of today’s models come with fume and odor extractors that minimize the impact of engraving and create a healthy, sustainable work environment by maintaining healthy air quality.
  • Additional options: When you’re trying to find the best laser engraver for wood, you have to know that it’s not just a one-time purchase. You’re establishing a relationship that’s likely to be in place over a long period of time. Evaluate providers to ensure that they have a variety of training and installation solutions to scale their support as your hobby or business grows or your needs shift over time.

The OMTech Advantage: The Best Engraving Machine for Wood, According to the Industry’s Leading Experts

Discerning hobbyists and experienced craftspeople alike choose OMTech Laser Engravers. Our collection of CO2 laser engraving machines bring the industry’s best features together at a range of price points. Reasons our customers come back time and again include:

  • CO2  Laser Tubes: Our CO2 lasers offer multiple speeds to meet your needs, as well as the flexibility to engrave a variety of different materials.
  • Industrial-grade laser head: OMTech lasers feature industrial-grade laser heads that deliver professional precision. Laser-mounted red dot guidance helps you quickly see engraving points and outlines the target path, allowing for simple set up. 
  • Power: OMTech’s lasers deliver an engraving speed between 300 and 400 mm/s, providing speed, power, and agility to complete projects on demand.
  • Digital LCD Display: All of the best laser engravers for wood have intuitive laser control systems that don’t waste your time looking for the information you need. OMTech’s lasers have onboard LCD controls and temperature displays to make it easy to monitor laser and water temperature of water engraving machines for wood. Our cabinet model offers a Ruida Controller as well.
  • Built-in ventilation: Minimize fumes, eliminate odors, and control dust – while minimizing noise. If you’re working in close quarters or simply prefer tools that empower a healthy workspace, our machines win out time and again. 
  • Extensive compatibility: No matter what design program you prefer, OMTech is a flexible offering with broad compatibility. Our lasers are compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and other recent editions. Lasers can process designs from LaserDraw, CorelLaser, and other industry-standard programs.
  • Excellent customer support: OMTech’s team understands your needs and can make key recommendations to get you the wood engraving equipment you need. Whether it’s resolving a shipping issue quickly or helping you find the right software to achieve your design goals, our customer service is committed to providing you with a fast and efficient experience.
  • A wide array of accessories and services: We grow with you. OMTech’s core laser collection is complemented by a variety of accessories such as water chillers and rotary attachments, as well as laser engraving training courses and software. Your engraving journey begins with finding the best laser engraver for wood. But that’s only the first step. Whether you need accessories to enable new types of projects or you’re looking for training to take your skills to a new level, we can partner with your team to make it happen.

    Why Buy From Us

    OMTech Laser can offer your ideal device, whether it’s a small desktop laser, or even an industrial laser engraving machine for wood and other materials. In addition, we offer accessories, training, and software to help engravers at all levels achieve their goals. Find the right wood engraving equipment to meet your objectives, while staying within budget. Contact us today or visit our online store to see our collection, discuss your unique needs, and get started on your wood engraving project.

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