Laser Material Kit 72pcs for Laser Engravers and Cutters DIY Crafting

Laser Material Kit 72pcs for Laser Engravers and Cutters DIY Crafting

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Begin crafting wonders with OMTech's 72-piece laser material pack! Craft your personalized metal business cards using our high-quality aluminum sheets, design captivating wall hangings with the rich textures of basswood plywood, or cut out fashionably stylish earrings using the brilliance of acrylic sheets. From crafting unique necklaces that capture your individuality to designing custom pet tags that reflect your pet's personality, the potential for innovative projects are limitless.
  • All-in-One Kit: OMTech's laser material box contains 72 pieces (8 kinds) of blank DIY materials to kickstart your creativity and fuel laser engraving projects of all sizes!
  • Wide Variety of Materials: This engraving material box comes with 2 plywood sheets, 25 wood tags, 4 acrylic sheets, 25 metal business cards, 3 faux leather coasters, 5 leather keychains, 6 stainless steel items, and 2 silver necklaces to cater to all your creative needs.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you are a hobbyist, crafter, or professional, this laser material pack opens up a world of possibilities, perfect for personalized gifts, home decor, and business projects.
  • Premium Quality: Each laser engraving supply kit material is carefully selected to ensure exceptional quality and optimal results when used with any laser engraver or cutter.
  • Endless Possibilities: With the wide variety of materials and the kit's versatility, there's no limit to what you can create. Let your imagination run wild and turn your ideas into reality with this comprehensive laser engraving material kit from OMTech!

• Recommended engraving speed: 100 - 500mm/s

• Recommended cutting speed: 1 - 30mm/s (actual speed depends on material)

• 18mm Focal lens diameter

• 2" Focal length

• 25mm Mirror diameter

• Resolution up to 2540 dpi

• 9” Standard Z-depth (Workspace height with honeycomb bed installed and laser head half retracted)

• 10” Max Z-depth (Workspace height with honeycomb bed removed, knife bed in use, and laser head fully retracted upwards)

  • 2x Plywood Sheets
  • 25x Wood Tags
  • 4x Acrylic Sheets
  • 25x Aluminum Business Cards
  • 3x Faux Leather Coasters
  • 5x Leather Keychains
  • 1x Stainless Steel Flask
  • 5x Stainless Steel Dog Tags
  • 2x Necklaces
Can I engrave on metals with my laser engraver?
If your machine is a CO2 laser engraver, you'll need to buy a laser marking spray, which you can conveniently find at the OMTech Laser store. The laser marking spray creates a layer of black coating for the engraving process on metal surfaces. If you are using a fiber laser machine, you can engrave metal effectively without the need of the spray.
What types of laser engravers work with this laser material package?
This engraving material kit is compatible with most diode and CO2 laser cutting and engraving machines, including popular brands like OMTech, xTool, Glowforge, and more.
Is this laser material exploration kit beginner-friendly?
Absolutely! This laser material kit is specifically designed as a beginner’s starter kit. It offers a diverse collection of 72 pieces, including essential materials like wood, acrylic, and unique items such as necklaces and a flask. This kit provides ample opportunities for beginners to practice and explore different engraving techniques on a variety of projects.